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The Marriage Program Testimonials

I feel that this course has covered at least most, if not all, of the areas that my wife and I have fought about for the short 5 years of our marriage. They have also given me some tools to think of when we are struggling with a certain aspect of marriage such as forgiveness & compromise. It is something that can be applicable to my life but also helps me understand the point of view my wife is coming from.


This course was great it helped me to have a better understanding of myself. It made me want to be a better person, wife, and parent. Thank you so much!


I was pleasantly surprised at how thorough and constructed this program was. The content was presented in a way that was easy to understand and apply immediately to my marriage. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to all couples.

Jesse C

This course broke down the topics in a nice clear & simplified format. It allowed me to be more mindful of my responses to my husband. How important the needs and how being very respectful and considering his feelings make for a more enjoyable communication.


Best progress we have made in communication in 15 years.


Great refresher on all the things important in a successful marriage.


The communication section was very helpful in helping us to evaluate the way we argue and improve the way we handle disagreements.


The Relationship Architecture Marriage Program is beneficial for couples of all kinds. My husband and I are happily married and blessed to have an extremely healthy relationship. We found great value in this course, allowing us as a couple to talk about difficult topics. The benefits of this program are valuable for healthy/happy couples and a vital part of the "maintenance" needed to continue a respect, love, and happiness filled marriage.


I feel this program really helped me see that I wasn't committed like I thought and I have some trust issues I need to work on. I feel like God is helping me with those and I just need to let him lead me in that.


This program was very beneficial to our relationship. As a newly married couple (1.5 years) this has helped us get into patterns of communication that honor God and each other. I am learning how I do affect my partner & am more conscious of when & how we communicate. This was a great class & great investment into our marriage.

Carisa C

Any help with marriage is truly appreciated. Communication skills are so important and needed for a healthy strong marriage. Thank you


This has helped us learn a better way to communicate. You have addressed issues that made it possible for us both to understand each other better. I love the videos. They were direct and helped the class move so smoothly.


I'm grateful that we took this course because we learned some helpful tings about our communication styles and about how to listen well. I also learned some things about myself and what I can do to improve my level of trust in my relationship. This has been very useful to me and has given me some skills that I think will sustain my husband and me in a strong marriage.