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The Marriage Program

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The Marriage Program Essentials

Build a stronger marriage in 8 short weeks. Included in theprogram: His and Hers Workbooks, 2 DVD set & the QuickStart Guide.

The Marriage Program Essentials

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Program Overview

These are the essentials skills you would learn in this program.

We see a correlation between the construction and maintenance of a physical home and the formation and maintenance of a relational home.  In The Marriage Program Essentials we start by looking at the soil: how your environment and relationships in the past have shaped who you are today.  Next we focus on what is foundational in a marriage. The foundation is where both a physical and relational home gets its strength and stability.

During this program you will cover these important topics to give you the foundation to have a health and happy marriage.

Section 1:  Soil

Some lessons from our past have been adopted so subtly and over such a long period of time that we sometimes are unable to detect where or from whom we learned them. Other lessons were repeated so many times by the same person, there is little doubt where or from whom they came. We are very much like sponges during our childhood years ‐ absorbing the lessons that were taught, intentionally and unintentionally. The goal of this section is not to relive the past, but to better understand how the past has influenced our dreams, goals, expectations and fears. Believe us: our pasts have played a major role in contributing to who we are today.

Whether your issues as a couple are rooted in communication, forgiveness, compromise, trust, commitment or a combination thereof, understanding your soil will help you address those issues more effectively. The work you do in this section will give you a better understanding of yourself and of each other.

If you desire a better marriage, understanding your past and your spouse’s past is a logical first step towards that goal.

Section 2:  Foundation

Structural strength in any physical home begins with a strong and stable foundation. If you have ever lived in an older home where the foundation has settled or moved, then you’ve most likely experienced the problems that come with it. This section will focus on five components that we believe are foundational in every healthy marriage. If your relational foundation is unstable, damaged or missing a key component, you will have difficulty resolving normal, everyday issues related to work, finances, children, etc. We believe that if you can communicate to achieve understanding, be willing to accept and extend forgiveness, learn to compromise, push yourself to trust and be committed to improving your relationships, you will have the foundation you need to endure the seasons of life.  

Chapters in this section:

  • Communication
  • Forgiveness
  • Compromise
  • Trust
  • Commitment

How It Works

Included with the program is a set of DVDs and a workbook for each spouse.
For each of the 6 chapters, you will do the following:

step 1: Choose your learning style

Watch the Video &/or Read the Book

The teaching sections give you the skills you need to make improvements for each of the 6 subjects covered in the program. Whether you choose to watch the videos or read the workbook you will learn the same information. That being said, watching the video together gives you and your spouse the opportunity to spend time together and talk through relevant topics as they come up.

step 2: grab a pen or pencil

Complete individual assignments

By doing the individual assignments first, you will have the opportunity to answer the questions honestly, without feeling pressure or judgment from your spouse. This process will allow you to take accountability for your part in the marriage and avoid the pitfalls of the blame game.

step 3: find a quiet place with your spouse

complete face-to-face exercises

Each spouse will share their answers from the individual assignments, giving the other spouse insight into where they are coming from. Also, by sharing your answers, you are acknowledging to your spouse that you are not perfect. That level of humility and vulnerability breaks down the walls and will draw you closer together, allowing you to move forward as a team versus as individuals.

Course Goals

8 week journey to a sustainable home.

People need help. Families need help. Marriages need help. There are lots of couples who want better relationships, but don’t know how to improve them. There are lots of couples who want help, but don’t know where to turn. We created this program because people deserve to know how to have healthy and sustainable relationships.

This program was designed with you in mind. It is for anyone who wants a better marriage. Whether you are trying to improve your marriage or save it, this program will give you the necessary skills, perspective and opportunities to achieve your goal.

The goals for this course are:

  1. For you to learn more about yourself.
  2. For you to learn more about your spouse.
  3. For you to take accountability for your part in the marriage.
  4. For you and your spouse to learn the necessary skills for a healthy and sustainable relationship, what we like to call “blueprints for a sustainable home.”

If you can accomplish these four goals we feel confident that you will also fulfill any individual goals you have coming into this program.

Josh Emery
M.A., L.P.C.


What our customers are saying.

Wes & Bonnie

"The program was very beneficial because it brought up conversations that we weren't necessarily having. It also created a very safe place for those conversations to happen - in the comfort of our own living room where we got to share what was on our hearts."

Bob & Cyndee

"I think it enhanced our marriage because we began to have more empathy for one another once we learned about each other's background."

Andy & Sara

"I haven't always felt comfortable speaking up about things that bothered me in our marriage. This program helped me to get past that by giving me the skills to share my concerns in a loving way."