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People need help. Marriages need help. Families need help. In looking at society today, relationships are broken, families are broken, which means that our communities are hurting. There are lots of people who want better relationships, but don’t know how to improve them. There are lots of people who want help, but don’t know where to turn. We believe that many people want to better their relationships, but don’t want to share their most intimate feelings or insecurities with a stranger, may not be able to afford counseling or are too prideful to ask for advice. Relationship Architecture exists because people deserve to know how to have healthy and sustainable relationships. Our programs are designed to strengthen marriages and families.

We believe that people are capable of making positive changes on their own if they are given helpful and insight¬ful teaching, take accountability for their own behaviors, be willing to change, and make consistent investments in their relationships. We can all get distracted in life; consumed with our careers or preoccupied with our children’s activities, and end up neglecting our relationships. In the same way that your home needs upkeep and regular maintenance, so do your relationships. If you work on your relationships on a daily basis, your relational home will be strong through the seasons and will weather the difficult times in life.

It is our hope that after you have completed any one of our programs, you will experience the benefits that come from healthier relationships. Of course we hope that it doesn’t stop there. Imagine what the impact could be if we all had healthier marriages, healthier families, healthier communities, and a healthier world. It starts with us. How we treat our spouses and our children spreads a message to those around us. Let’s make sure that message is a good one.